A short guide on how to buy men’s underwear

As a guy, you know that when it comes to buying men’s underwear you don’t have the same level of deliberation as you would when buying a pair of socks or maybe a jacket. That’s because you’ll get to wear the underwear on a daily basis and it therefore needs to be very comfortable. With that said, here are some things to know prior to buying underwear.

The right type of underwear

One of the best options to consider are trunks and that’s because they generally offer great style and support. However, if you want a little bit more comfort, then you should consider getting boxers. These are perfect if you want to lounge in on a shaky weekend morning. Keep in mind that if you’re the type who love wearing skinny jeans, then you certainly need to go for trunks. If you wear looser clothes though, then go for boxers.

Use size charts

Once you decide on the style you want to get, it’s important to get it in the right size. There’s no reason to go with a great style if you cannot get it in the size you want. The reason size is so important is that once you buy underwear, you cannot return it, resulting in a waste of time and money.

Go for cotton

The most important thing to bear in mind when it comes to shopping for men’s underwear is that you should always opt for cotton. Not only will you have a much lower chance of getting an irritation with cotton, but cotton is also very breathable. On the other hand, you should know that there are also many other materials that are better than cotton, but they usually come at a much higher price and most men don’t want to pay too much for their underwear anyway. Still, having options is nice.